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Critically-acclaimed bestselling business author Kim Lavine

Critically-acclaimed bestselling business author Kim Lavine

The most disruptive factor in the global marketplace isn’t technology—it’s sex. Gender, to be specific.

Status Quo

Forty-five years after the first women's revolution, women still only make up 3% of top CEOs, earn only 75% of wages of men for equivalent work, and are 40% more likely than men to be living in poverty


"Companies with a higher percentage of women in top management experienced 35% higher Return on Equity and 34% higher Total Return to shareholders."  Nadereh Chamlou in a report to the World Bank

No wonder women are starting businesses in record numbers.
  • Not only are there more than 11 million women entrepreneurs in this country, making up 48% of all businesses, but women are starting businesses today at twice the rate of men.

  • The forecasted growth of women-owned companies from 48% to 55% over the next 5 years is a powerful phenomenon that will rewrite the American cultural landscape, changing work and family life in revolutionary ways.


This movement is simultaneously driving the creation of America’s New Economy, while transforming social conventions in meaningful and momentous ways in the United States and around the world.

Status Quo

Women own 48% of all businesses but only receive 4% off all private equity to start and grow those businesses. As a result, only 3% of women-owned businesses have annual revenues of a million dollars or more. I'm here to change that.


'Closing the Gender Gap is estimated to boost US GDP by 9% Eurozone GDP by 13%, Japan GDP by 16%.' Nadereh Chamlou in a report to the World Bank


You're either going to join us as we make history, or you're going to become history. 


It's a historic time.   This is the story of history being made.