Oprah and The Most Fabulous Person in New York

The Flat Iron Building in NYC and the home of St. Martin's Press

The Flat Iron Building in NYC and the home of St. Martin's Press

I’ll never forget the day I got out of a cab on Broadway and looked up at the famous Flat Iron Building, star-struck.

I didn’t know it then but I was about to go in and meet the most fabulous person in New York, who would change my life forever. She was one of the biggest franchise makers in publishing, and soon be my Editor.

I saw a segment on Oprah where she was interviewing moms who created million dollar businesses in their free time while homeschooling their children and thought it was a myth that would demoralize millions of women.

I wrote a segment pitch for her producers called the “Myth of the Mommy Millionaire.” My assistant thought it would be a great book. I emailed it to 6 agents that day and had 2 contracts on my desk by the end of the week.

Critically-acclaimed bestseller by Kim Lavine

Critically-acclaimed bestseller by Kim Lavine

“Everything begins with a dream, a search for something better, an idea, the courage to face a challenge,  and the passion to get it done. You can do it. Believe in yourself. Change the rules. Join the revolution.”  from MOMMY MILLIONAIRE



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About Kim Lavine

All great journeys begin on the strength of just one individual and their dream.  Kim Lavine

The historic journey of THE NEXT BIG DREAM began with critically-acclaimed, bestselling business author, Kim Lavine, who's mission to empower people to follow their dreams, inspiring them with hope, honesty and faith, touches millions around the world through her appearances on The Today Show, Rachel Ray, Good Morning America, NBC & ABC news, CNN, CNBC, FOX, NPR, Oprah & Friends Radio Network, and features in USA Today, Country Living, Guideposts, Inc, Business Week, Entrepreneur, and Forbes, to name a few. Read more...