Martha Stewart Looked Me Up and Down

My first book tour appearance would be on the #1 morning news program, THE TODAY SHOW. I had a 5 minute segment with 4 remotes answering questions from 4 viewers around the country. I had to prepare 3 bullet point answers in advance for each question which would be displayed on TV’s, but not on my monitor, and I had to hit each one in order.

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My publicist and I were standing just outside the studio entrance to the Today Show rehearsing as Martha Stewart walked out, having just finished her segment, looking me up and down.
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Critically-acclaimed bestseller by Kim Lavine

Critically-acclaimed bestseller by Kim Lavine

We tried to find a seat in the tiny green room, but it was filled up by Paula Dean and her entourage of sons and family. I was so rehearsed I could hit the bullet points in my sleep; it was a good thing because when we went live with the interview, Anne Curry asked me the wrong question first, sending the producers into a panic behind her as I adlibbed,  not remembering a word I said.

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