Can Women Really Pitch Investors?

by Kim Lavine

Women own 48% of all businesses and are starting businesses at twice the rate of men, yet they only receive 4% of all private equity funding annually. As a result, only 3% of women-owned businesses have revenues of a million dollars or more a year.

What's the Disconnect?

The failure of women to raise private equity begins with one question:

Can You Pitch?

Below are a few of the presenters at our Private Equity Summit Kick-Off event at the grand opening of H.O.M.E. - Home Office for a Million Entrepreneurs, in Grand Haven, MI.

Many of these entrepreneurs are progressed to MEANINGFUL DISCUSSIONS with interested investors as a result of this event. Can you tell which ones?

Jacqueline Dinsmore - Luvali Convertible

Lee MacDonald Perry - Ravenwood

Sara Bingham - Wee Hands

Debra Tacoma - Freedom Wand

Mary Fennell

Emily Dickey

Elaine Bolger


Janet Rohrs

Linda Lange