Thank You for being a CONTESTANT in the PILOT for THE NEXT BIG DREAM!

We're excited that you joined us and we promise you an adventure like no other! Though there are only a few of you, we would like to capture some basic information about you and your DREAM to share with our Producers in Hollywood. We're looking for information about what sets you apart, what you're passionate about, who you're passionate about, and what drives you to chase down your dream. We're not too interested in this stage of clicking through to websites or social profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. We want to learn about the details of your business during the filming of the pilot, not via this contact form.

Things are changing daily and always getting bigger and more exciting. We're glad you're taking this adventure with us without needing to drive the bus. My promise to you is that nobody is going to get thrown under the bus, like a lot of other reality shows. We will keep you updated on important developments, but at this writing, we're shooting for filming in LA in 60 to 90 days, based on all the OTHER INFORMATION we've previously provided in great detail.


  1. Please don't try and prepare in any way for this show outside of what you are already doing on a day-to-day basis to turn your dream into a reality.
  2. Please don't contact each other in advance of the show. It's important you meet on air and that everyone has the same opportunity to meet you.
  3. You may blog about your experience but please do not share any confidential information regarding the show, including locations, filming dates, etc--unless you've gotten the approval from me first. We definitely want to get everyone all the attention they deserve, but we don't want people showing up to take time away from getting you on camera.
  4. There aren't many other rules at this point, but I may think of some as we go along.


I'll see you in HOLLYWOOD!

Kim Lavine


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