Critically-Acclaimed Bestselling Business Author Kim Lavine

Critically-Acclaimed Bestselling Business Author Kim Lavine

"Raising capital is the most important job any start-up entrepreneur has to do, and nobody’s teaching anybody how to do it...until now.

Forget about Sharks, there’s $20 Billion available every year from Angels. In THE NEXT BIG DREAM, I’m going to show you how to get it.
This won’t be easy, but you will be successful.

This isn’t rocket science, and it doesn’t come down to talent. It doesn’t matter how old you are, what you look like, where you went to school—or how many times you’ve heard the words “You’re Fired!”

In THE NEXT BIG DREAM, the only limit to the amount of money you can make, is your dreams.

Are you looking for money to start or grow your business?


What's Holding You Back?

  • Are you intimidated about pitching to a tough panel of investors?
  • Do you think investors are only interested in high-tech, medical devices and multi-million dollars in sales history?
  • Have banks turned down your requests for money for your business?
  • Do you have an unyielding desire to see your idea in the marketplace?
  • Are you ready to do whatever it takes to start knocking down doors separating you from success?

Then you came to the right place

I'm bringing everything I've learned from successfully raising angel capital twice, while recruiting world-class talent to work for my company, to help you do the same.

In this 8 WEEK course I'll prove to you just how historic opportunity is enabling you to connect with angel investors in your community and across the world in ground-breaking ways that will change the way businesses find money forever.

Did you know that there is $20 Billion available in Angel Capital to start and grow your business, and that number is growing by 20% each year? Do you want some of that money and not know where to even start?

Private equity is being called the BANK OF THE FUTURE, and those who learn how to tap into the new banking system are the people who will not only survive, but thrive in America's New Economy.

The 8-Week Course Includes:


Forget everything you heard about Angels only investing in high-tech and medical devices. The top two categories Angels are investing in is women's media, followed by consumer products. This course will take you through the different types of funding available, what they're looking for, and how to evaluate your product or service to understand it's true value and potential for you and investors. You'll complete course material designed by Kim Lavine to help you and others see the BIG PICTURE, in order to start down the path to successfully raising capital.

Road Map:

You can't raise a million dollars to fund your business without writing a million dollar business plan first. The problem is, very few people have seen what a million dollar business plan actually looks like--until now. This course will take you to the head of the class, teaching you not only how to write the plan, but where to find additional free resources to get it done. But we don't stop there. You will learn how to put together the essential financial documents, and summarize them in a winning PowerPoint presentation--the essential tool for converting prospects into investors.


Once you've learned to think big enough to see the real potential of your product or service, and put together the million dollar business plan, financial documents and PowerPoint presentation, you'll learn what it takes to pitch it like a pro. Not only will you learn where and how to look for money specifically, with a business plan and Executive Summary personally reviewed and critiqued by Kim Lavine, you'll get training in how to pitch, from what to wear to how to say it. By the time you're done, you'll have crafted an elegant and effective elevator pitch that nobody can refuse. But most importantly, you'll have the confidence and courage to stand up in front of the toughest investors and sell your business and yourself, developed by practicing your pitch to Kim Lavine herself until it's perfect.


You're going to succeed! Everything you've done up to this point prepares you for the art of making the deal. You will be prepared to protect yourself and take potential investors to the mat by mastering the essential documents of the deal, starting with the most important one: the Term Sheet. This one-page document is a signal that the deal has begun in earnest, and broadly outlines ever important factor you'll go on to negotiate in the next months. In this course, you will work with real documents from real deals in an interactive format. Confidence comes from knowledge, and you'll be confident that you're making the right deal when Kim Lavine is looking at it with you.


If you're putting together a million dollar deal, the devil is in the detailed documents. You'll be instructed how to handle an exhaustive list of documents in an interactive format, that will give you priceless leverage in negotiating the best deal for yourself, while retaining the most ownership and control over your company. An attorney would charge you an average of $40,000 to consult with you and create these documents alone; as a result you will save yourself thousands of dollars and countless sleepless nights knowing that you're in control of this very complicated negotiation from start to finish!

The Money:

You can't close the deal until the due diligence is done. You'll find out what the due diligence process is really like, and how to prepare for it by having the best and most complete required documents already in place. It doesn't matter if you've gone bankrupt or have bad credit--in fact, it could help. Find out how to head off whatever other potential roadblocks they'll throw at you at the last minute, and close your deal fast while taking an authoritative leadership position in your new company.

The Beginning:

Now that you're a CEO or President, you're going to have to learn how to run a board meeting. This course will teach you everything you need to know to take your company into the fast lane, using all the tools and resources you've learned in just eight weeks to raise money and recruit world-class talent for your company. Kim Lavine has already been here, done this, and you'll have the benefit of all her advice and expertise to insure the successful launch or your new venture.

Historic Access To Capital

By the end of this course you'll not only have NAMES and CONTACT INFO for ANGEL INVESTORS in your community and around the U.S., you'll know exactly what investments they're looking for, saving you months of work by targeting your prospects with cutting-edge tools.

In this 8 WEEK ACADEMY-LEVEL COURSE, I'll empower you with the tools and knowledge you need to penetrate this exciting new frontier, and FIND THE MONEY YOU NEED TO START OR GROW YOUR BUSINESS.

COST: $2,500

Course includes 8 HOURS OF PERSONAL MENTORING with Kim Lavine, as well as videos, priceless document templates, and online and offline resources. READ UNSOLICITED TESTIMONIALS FOR KIM LAVINE ~ WATCH KIM LAVINE'S MEDIA HIGHLIGHTS

Pay with credit card, check or PayPal. Space is limited. Registration may close without notice when class fills. All previous Academy-Level courses have SOLD OUT in days.)


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