10 Women Seeking $10 Million

But THE NEXT BIG DREAM was about to get exponentially bigger. And so were the challenges, when we put together meetings in New York with some of the world’s biggest banks.

We stayed at the Waldorf Astoria and the OCCUPY movement was in full swing. There were protesters in the street with bullhorns and banners and a news team was filming them as we entered the building. Security was tight and we were escorted up to offices high above the street where we looked down on the protestors. They were so loud, their voices carried over our meeting and our hosts apologized for the intrusion. What they said next stunned me: a percentage of billions in public funds they managed was earmarked for investment in women and minority-owned businesses, and there was more money than there were businesses. But there was more to follow.

At another meeting I was speechless when he said he would come, but only if I could put together 10 women asking for a minimum of $10 million each. This was really smart money and I couldn’t disappoint him, but I asked myself how I could possibly vet and qualify the 10 women worth $10 million each when I couldn’t even find one.