A Cannonball Over My Bow

But I had investors and I was fighting a battle in the board room to control the direction of my company. Raising capital nearly killed me. I had no idea I had to continue the fight with the same kind of stamina and determination in the board room, and no idea what I was in for in the months ahead.

The first cannonball was launched over my bow over lunch at the Bryant Park Grill in NY.

Bryant Park Grill.jpg

My business was built on a vertical business model of design, manufacturing, sales and distribution into premiere retailers like Saks Inc, Bed Bath & Beyond, Gottschalks, Whole Foods and others, all of which I had brought on before bringing on investors

My CEO wanted to convert to a licensing model, and if anybody could do it, he could. It all looked good on paper, but I was the only one in the board room who worried if the vertical money would run out before the licensing revenues kicked in.