Dinner at the Yale Club

At times of historic change comes historic opportunity, and I was all about opportunity.

I was back in New York on business. The licensing model my CEO had envisioned had become a reality. We had just launched a new home décor line in New York’s premiere showplace on Fifth Avenue. My Creative Director and I were invited to celebrate with my Editor and her (rabbi, Vietnam veteran, Wall Street attorney) husband at the Yale Club.

What I feared from the beginning had become reality: the vertical revenues dried up before the licensing revenues replaced them. Everyone was reinventing themselves so I did, too. I went to the mat with my investors and fiercely negotiated the buy-back of my company Green Daisy, assuming all the debt in return.

It was the best of times, and it was the worst of times.

The conversation over dinner that evening at the Yale Club will be forever memorable. My Editor convinced me that Hollywood was the place to be, and she had just the agent to take me there. At her urging I signed with him, and within months I was putting together a production deal and new book deal, certain they would make my dream of connecting women with capital a reality.