How To Shift a Paradigm

I was on the top of the Empire State Building, overwhelmed by the task at hand. I put my personal reputation on the line to enlist investors from around the world to bring hundreds of millions of dollars to this event, so there had better be fast-growth, high-profit women-owned businesses “money-ready” pitching.

The problem wasn’t the investors, the problem was with the women: they didn’t know how to ask for the money, they didn’t know how to drive a deal, they didn’t think investors were interested in their business models, they didn’t know how to frame a Value Proposition—and they didn’t think they could.  

how to shift a paradigm

  • Break down conventional wisdom that investors are only interested in high-tech ventures.
  • Take networking opportunities out of Silicon Valley, boardrooms and "old boys clubs.”
  • Teach women how to package and drive a deal.
  • Elevate women’s business funding from a charitable subsistence model to one of exponential financial return.
  • Vet and qualify women to be money-ready investments, then empower them to be leaders in the boardroom.
  • But the most difficult and most important paradigm shift is teaching women to think they can. I