Lunch with The Power Elite

I thought I knew just how fabulous the most fabulous person in New York was, until she took me to Michaels, where we sat at her “own table

Michael himself ushered me to where she was seated, exclaiming, “Diane is your Editor? You’re so lucky, she’s the best Editor in the world.”

Around us were seated a star-studded cast of celebrities and media executives in a room coursing with power lunchers. Joan Rivers was at one table. Atoosa Rubenstein sat next to us wearing a bright green dress. It could have been my imagination, but they all seemed to be looking at Diane, who’s table commanded the center of the room.

She had invited me here to tell me that she and some partners were starting a new media company, including the former Creative Director of one of the world’s biggest ad agencies, and the former Editor at a major women’s magazine. These were some of the smartest people in the business.

“Was I interested?”

Was I dreaming?