Page 6 Gossip

I was back in New York to meet with the world’s biggest advertiser and I needed to find a publicist to turn my dream into THE NEXT BIG DREAM. I called my Editor; she had two recommendations: Rosemarie Terenzio and Gregg Sullivan.

I called Gregg and he was on fire with passion for my NEXT BIG DREAM; he took the train in and met us at Aquavit on E 55th. Before he arrived I got the PAGE 6 gossip from my Editor about the feud between her and Liz Smith. “Didn’t she know that anything said at FREDERIC FEKKAI in the early hours reserved for private clients was off the record?”

I returned to my hotel just as Rosemarie Terenzio called. My heart skipped a beat when she said she was JFK Jr’s personal assistant until CAMELOT was INTERRUPTED. I couldn’t believe she wanted to work with me on THE NEXT BIG DREAM. But we had crossed wires; she was planning on meeting the next day and I was planning on leaving. It was one of those moments my Editor would call “beyond coincidence.” Instead she would go on to write a blockbuster bestseller about the young man whom I could tell in her voice she still dearly loved and mourned