The Answer Was Obvious

They called me back that week and I would return to the Governor’s residence and capitol offices many times in the next year.

Kim Laivine and Governor Granholm.jpg

Over 10 million jobs had been lost overnight—with Michigan the hardest hit. Everyone in the state was trying to figure out how to create jobs. The answer was obvious to me: women were starting businesses at twice the rate of men, When 70% of all new jobs come from small businesses, connecting women with capital to start and grow businesses was job #1.

At the Governor’s request, my team worked for months to come up with CONNECTING TO SUCCESS, bringing together public and private organizations to connect women to billions of private equity. I started using all my personal connections to call up all the VC and angel investors I knew to ask them personally to participate in my mission.

Getting them to get behind a government-sponsored initiative was almost insurmountable—but I did.