The Future Was Wide Open

I checked into the Andaz Hotel on Sunset and looked out from the rooftop pool over the Hollywood hills;.

They had lost my reservation, it was late so they ‘comped’ me an upgrade to a suite where Robert Plant reportedly stayed during the heyday of Led Zeppelin, with pictures of them riding in on motorcycles adorning the walls.

ANDAZ ON SUNSET The Next Big Dream.jpg

Looking down Sunset Boulevard at night from the rooftop pool, with Tom Petty singing “the future was wide open” in the background, I was totally swept away by Hollywood glamour.

We had a half dozen meetings, including the biggest production company in the world. This show was going to be about people raising angel capital; the VP I pitched said “just tell me you open suitcases till you win a million dollars.”

The next day we met in Santa Monica with one of the biggest hit-makers on TV. The Managing Partner told me what a fan her sister was of my book. They got my concept and we were on the same page when it came to developing it. I told her that as long as we worked together for the greatest good of all parties, we couldn’t help but succeed. I was right