The Money Train is Leaving the Station

Who knows how long this train of investor money is going to be around before it leaves the station? We are living in historic times, which we’ll look back on as being as influential in transforming America’s future as the Industrial Revolution—but this time it will be the Women’s Revolution. This isn’t just happening in the U.S., it’s happening in every country in the world. According to statistics from the World Bank, women are leading a global economic revolution—and the only piece that is missing is the capital. Missing this window of opportunity could cost a generation of women their opportunity to start billion dollar companies, and millions of men the investment and employment opportunities they create. Crowd-funding was the newest phenomenon, but it was a temporary solution to a Big Problem: Raising capital was the most important job any entrepreneur had and nobody was teaching anyone how to do it—until now. The forecasted growth of women-owned companies from 48% to 55% over the next 4 years is a powerful phenomenon that will rewrite the American cultural landscape, changing work and family life in revolutionary ways.