Millions Will Compete & Millions Will Win...Millions

Everybody has a dream, and in America, dreams come true.


Where dreams become REALITY TV


In the NEXT BIG DREAM the only thing standing between contestants and $100 million is themselves
When money meets opportunity, cash meets ideas, and dreams turn into deals, who will conquer the real business world and who will break down in tears?


This isn’t Shark Tank and it’s not The Apprentice
In THE NEXT BIG DREAM nobody’s going to hear the words “you’re fired,” and everyone will get millions, unless they quit.
In THE NEXT BIG DREAM, Millions Will Compete and Millions Will Win…Millions



  1. This is the PILOT for a 13 episode reality competition SERIES.

  2. It is written and produced by Kim Lavine & MM Media in partnership with a leading production company in Hollywood, responsible for some of the biggest hits on TV. Kim Lavine has already worked with these production partners to produce a pilot based on her bestselling book MOMMY MILLIONAIRE. The pilot for the television show MOMMY MILLIONAIRE was sold to OPRAH for the launch of her network OWN, but Kim and her partners walked away from the deal because she didn't like the terms. OWN then went into a two-year hiatus before relaunching again.

  3. The PILOT will be anywhere from 20 mins to one hour long. It will feature "contestants" who have THE NEXT BIG DREAM and want to turn it into reality. Filming will showcase the "contestants" dream and back-story and may include location shots at your home, or we may capture these back-stories and personal profiles at one location in Los Angeles over two to three days of shooting.

  4. If you are a contestant chosen for the PILOT you will need to fly to Los Angeles at your own cost at a date to be determined pending the coordination of all production details, which are complex and involve many people and locations. The target date for filming in Los Angeles will be 60-90 days from now.

  5. Once in Los Angeles 3 day, 2 night lodging accommodations will be provided for you, during which you will be filmed. These accommodations will be very comfortable and above average and will likely be a large private residence in Beverly Hills. Many logistics are involved in securing locations for filming so specifics will be furnished as they become available.

  6. Besides personal interviews and insight into you BIG DREAM and back-story, you will compete in a 24-48 hour challenge produced by Kim Lavine to determine if you potentially go on to compete in the 13 episode show. The 13 episode show is forecasted to have 10 million viewers per episode. Other details about the show are being kept confidential at this time. There is no guarantee that you will be in the 13 episode SERIES after appearing in the PILOT.

  7. After the PILOT contestants complete Kim's challenge, they will have the opportunity to pitch to real investors with real money in Los Angeles as part of the PILOT. If confidentiality is required as a condition of your participation, we will attempt to work around critical factors to help you maintain it.

  8. There is additionally a chance that the German Television network ZDF will be filming a documentary on the making of THE NEXT BIG DREAM. ZDF is Europe's leading television network with approximately 11 million viewers. They have already filmed Kim Lavine and the MM Media team in Detroit weeks ago; they would be traveling from Germany with a production crew to capture additional footage, potentially exposing you and your BIG DREAM internationally to another 11 million viewers. Many more location, scheduling, legal rights and permissions as well as travel costs and insurance logistics will need to be coordinated with an already complex production schedule with our Hollywood partners. Your ability to be flexible and adapt is critical to your participation in this pilot and your success on-air.

  9. The PILOT will be cast with three to five "contestants." The full series will feature up to 12 "contestants." One of the contestant spots for the PILOT at this writing has already been filled, so that means a potential two to four spots remain.

  10. You do not need to prepare in any way to appear in the PILOT. In fact, it would be best, if chosen, if you came unprepared with nothing but your personal version of THE NEXT BIG DREAM. We are interested in capturing your story first-hand on film and helping you prepare to pitch investors through the CHALLENGE.

  11. If you're reading this, it means Kim and her team have reviewed your correspondence and think you could be on the show. The selection process for "contestants" isn't based on experience, business background or concept, education or age. The intent is to show that "Everybody has a dream--no matter who you are and where you came from--and in America, dreams come true."

  12. Participating in the PILOT is no guarantee that investors will give you money. These investors are bringing their own money and will be making their own decisions. This is 'real money,' unlike "Shark Tank," where my experience with people who have appeared on the show and "gotten money from sharks," never actually got money. That's a matter separate from this PILOT. As this is a PILOT, you may or may not have the time necessary to form a full "Value Proposition" for an investor to fund. How you follow up on your introduction and pitch to the investor after the PILOT is entirely up to you and them.

  13. The investors are REAL and represent priceless personal connections Kim Lavine has made over the course of a decade through her work with angel investors, venture capitalists, crowdfunding platforms, as well as government grants and funding options. Whether you get money to fund your business or not is entirely up to you. Nobody's going to be eliminated in THE NEXT BIG DREAM, and the only thing standing between you and $100 million is yourself.

  14. There will be legal releases you will need to sign as a condition of appearing in the PILOT. You will be furnished these at least 30 days prior to filming for your review. Kim Lavine and her company MM Media ARE NOT INTERESTED IN OWNING ANY PART OF YOUR COMPANY, OR EARNING ANY ROYALTY ON SALES as a condition for appearing in this PILOT.

  15. There is an extraordinary amount of information about THE NEXT BIG DREAM, Kim Lavine and MM Media on the respective websites. Please review the information carefully for answers to questions you may have first.


  1. There is a required payment upfront payment of $500 in EARNEST MONEY, which will also cover your lodging expenses in Los Angeles for 3 days and 2 nights. You may pay this money by credit card, but it is non-refundable. This EARNEST MONEY is a guarantee that you will actually follow-through with your commitment to appear in the PILOT in Los Angeles. Because of the extraordinary amount of money, time, location and people resources that are being coordinated around "contestants" participation, we can not afford to produce a story around someone who decides 60 days from now they can no longer participate, for whatever reason. We understand life happens, and some people who really want to be on the show now may have second-thoughts later because of stage-fright, business confidentiality, family demands, travel costs, or personal health issues. Even an occasional person whom we have assumed in the past was a "sure-thing" has dropped out for one of the reasons noted above, leaving us with a full day of no-shooting at the cost of tens of thousands of dollars in time, people and equipment resources. This $500 EARNEST MONEY payment is non-negotiable and the two to four spots for "contestants" in the PILOT can only be guaranteed BY FIRST-COME, FIRST SERVED PAYMENT via PayPal. There is no guarantee a spot will be available in the PILOT tomorrow and many opportunities to work with Kim Lavine in other capacities have sold out in a day. Once the spots are guaranteed with payment they are filled and there will be no more spots. The response to our one casting email has been overwhelming. When we produced the MOMMY MILLIONAIRE pilot for Oprah, we were similarly overwhelmed with the many, many people who wanted to be in the PILOT, but only a few were chosen. Kim is focused on proving in THE NEXT BIG DREAM, that anybody can make their dream come true and that millions can make millions--as long as they have a dream. Therefore there won't be a lot of "choosing" going on in the casting process. You have to choose yourself, because in THE NEXT BIG DREAM, the only thing standing between you and $100 million is yourself.
  2. If after reading this you would like more details, please email Kim Lavine at Kim will then respond by email to schedule a time to answer your questions. The nature of the PILOT is that Kim will not want to discuss your business concept in advance of the filming; the less she knows about you prior to meeting, the better for you during the filming and for viewers. If all the "contestant" roles are filled and guaranteed with payment by others before your scheduled phone call, there will be no spot available. Kim Lavine has a very demanding schedule and can not accept unscheduled phone calls because she is either in meetings or phone conferences. Though Kim respects people with passion who are determined to get through to her by phone, she also has many work and family responsibilities that make for 12-hour days--especially now with the production process. Securing "contestants" is the first step in securing investors, locations, dates, travel schedules, production crews, pre and post editing facilities, rights and clearances, insurance, legal releases, lodging and even meals--to name a few.
  3. If you're ready to make a commitment and willing to work through a dynamic process with world-class, award-winning creative people, RESERVE YOUR SPOT WITH PAYMENT TODAY USING THE LINK BELOW. If you're not the type of person who feels comfortable with this process and the variables of capturing your compelling personal story and your business dream on film for millions to potentially see, this probably isn't the right opportunity for you and it will show on film. Regardless of your decision, Kim Lavine and MM Media want you and millions of others like you to succeed because it's THE NEXT BIG DREAM: Millions Will Compete & Millions Will Win...Millions.


If you are ready to commit to being a "contestant" in the pilot for THE NEXT BIG DREAM after reviewing the details carefully above, please guarantee your spot with payment today by clicking on the BUY NOW button below. You may pay via credit card through PayPal. The $500 Earnest Money is non-refundable and includes 3 days/2 nights of lodging in Los Angeles for the shooting of the PILOT, as well as the other considerations listed in detail above. A maximum of four spots are available and are guaranteed on a first-come, first-served basis. We have experienced unprecedented interest in just 24 hours for these few available spots. Once you've completed payment you will be contacted by Kim Lavine to schedule a phone conference to discuss details. If you prefer to speak to Kim Lavine personally first before making a commitment with payment, contact Kim at and she will schedule a time to talk with you personally as soon as her schedule permits. Scheduling a phone conference with Kim does not guarantee that a spot will be available before or after your call with her, and other opportunities to work with Kim have previously sold-out in a day. This by no means is a reflection on Kim's desire to work with you, or her belief in your dream; instead we are responding to logistics involved with the successful production of THE NEXT BIG DREAM.

Thank you and we're wishing you every success!

COST: $500

Thank you! I'm looking forward to working with you in HOLLYWOOD! Kim Lavine