Davos Man

I was home with my kids when I caught an interview with John Micklethwait, Editor-In-Chief of THE ECONOMIST on C-SPAN. I was immediately captivated by his urbane yet modest demeanor and witty command of recondite economic theories.

I devoured THE ECONOMIST’S irreverent reports of the raucous exploits of ‘Davos Man.’ I read the reports by Nadereh Chamlou and wondered why no one had heard of her before

  • Closing the Gender Gap is estimated to boost US GDP by 9% Eurozone GDP by 13%, Japan GDP by 16%.*
  • Companies with a higher percentage of women in top management experienced 35% higher Return on Equity and 34% higher Total Return to shareholders.
  • Emerging Global Talent Crisis resulting in ‘Brain waste’ due to widespread gender gap caused by traditions, conservative attitudes and social norms.
  • Global economy will face demographic shock of a scale not yet observed.

” Nadereh Chamlou in a report to the World Bank