What City Is This?

My book tour was supposed to be three weeks, but it turned into three months. I was crisscrossing the country hitting every TV and radio station on the way promoting book store and speaking events. I was staying at the Conrad Hotel in downtown Indianapolis when I woke up one morning and had to call the front desk to remind me what city I was in.

Everywhere I went everybody wanted to know how to raise angel capital. Those who had already read my book said they were afraid to try. I couldn’t sugar-coat the process but I had to put it into sweet sound bites for the media.

Raising capital was the most important job any entrepreneur had and nobody was teaching anybody how to do it. The only way you could learn how to do it, was to do it; there were land mines and deal breakers every step of the way. The dramatic and honest description of how I did it made my book read like a page-turning novel, and turned it into a bestseller.